The Dust Has Not Even Begun To Settle

Howdy Everybody, the Artist known as Jake here.  You probably came here looking for some of my art.  The predecessor to what you see here had hundreds of pages, lots of pictures and content.  However the website was a Frankenstein of classically coded static pages with a blog attached.  I have been going through some big changes, not the least of which is moving to El Cajon, CA from Phoenix, AZ.  Things have been taking longer than expected. Anyway as I stared at that huge cumbersome website, in need of revision, I thought, “It is time to reinvent myself.”  So today, I logged on and deleted everything then installed this basic WordPress blog.  So that is what happened; I did it on purpose, I was not hacked or anything like that.  I have a full back up of all my old content, which I could use, however, I don’t know if any of it will be returning or not.

That is all.  Welcome to underconstruction.


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